Things I’ve Learned in College I: Reasons Not/To Make Out With Someone’s Face

I feel like college is one big learning experience.

I mean, you’re there in the first place to further your education and figure out your passions and what you really want to do when you become A REAL ADULT and go out in the world and do REAL THINGS (*exaggerated gasp* So scary!). So, if we’re being literal about this whole thing, you’re there to learn and to educate yourself.

But it’s also a big social learning experience. You learn how to grow up. You learn who you are outside your family, your friends from home, your hometown. You learn how to make friends based more on commonality, rather than convenience.

And hopefully and most importantly, you learn common sense.

What I’m talking about specifically, and something that I’ve gotten to dip my toes into at school a little bit is “hookup culture,” which can loosely be defined as (*Amanda does a quick Google search so she’s not politically incorrect about the definition*) the casual sexual encounter-y culture that college encourages. Part of the social experience at college can be being a part of “hookup culture,” but it can also not be. It depends on you.

What I’ve learned are plenty of reasons that you should not indulge in hooking up with someone, and also reasons that you should indulge in hooking up with someone. It’s really all about your college experience, common sense, growing up, and understanding who you are as a person and what you want.

I’ve written them down here. Enjoy!

Reasons Not to Make Out With Someone’s Face:

  1. You are lonely.
  2. Someone that you actually like just started dating someone and you suddenly feel that that void needs to be filled in your life.
  3. You are drunk and he/she is there. (This is an inside joke with my friends at school– it’s the #1 reason most of us have hooked up with someone.)
  4. You want to make someone else mad or jealous.
  5. Human contact makes you feel better about yourself, because this person wants you (even if it’s only in a physical way).
  6. You would have to lower your standards if you were to make out with this person.
  7. You’re not really feeling it, but eh, why not?
  8. You’re bored.
  9. He/she wants to but you don’t.
    1. This person doesn’t like you as much as you like this person (or in the ways that you like this person).
    2. You find this person repulsive.
    3. You’re not attracted to him/her.
  10. You feel like you would regret it later.

Reasons to Make Out With Someone’s Face:

  1. You like him/her.
  2. You want to.

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