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I mean… What a weird and terrible week. But also an amazing week. A week that (despite some difficulties, some unforeseen circumstances) I am glad happened the way it did, to a certain degree. Thank you all for being here.  … Continue reading

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An Explanation.

Hi! I’m back. I haven’t posted on WordPress in about 2 weeks, and this is my explanation blog post as to why. (I hate doing this because I hate excuses and this seems like an excuse post. I’m going to … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day!

Today is Father’s Day, so I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about my dad. My dad is one of the best people I know. He is an upstanding guy– he’s an outstanding guy. He’s always thinking about five million … Continue reading

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Gratitude Journal 1

Joyce over at Sitting Idly (who I met through Blogging 101) introduced me to a new type of blog post called a Gratitude Journal. Basically she explained to me that a Gratitude Journal is where you list 5 things you are grateful … Continue reading

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The Happiest Boy Laughs

I knew a boy once who laughed with his whole body. I have never met anyone else whose laughter was so happy. He laughed like a larger man than he was would; his chuckle growing inside the cavity of his chest, always … Continue reading

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I started wearing makeup when I was nine.

I am 1/8 Filipino– but I know absolutely nothing about Filipino culture and my Filipino grandfather died when my mom was sixteen, so I’ve never met him. I look inherently more Caucasian than my mother or my sister Carly. I’m stuck with … Continue reading

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Amanda’s Sophomore Year Reflection

I was feeling nostalgic and reading over some of the stuff that I wrote last year when I came across my freshman year reflection, which you can read below if you want, but you’re really under no obligation to (it’s under … Continue reading

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