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I was leaving Target.

I had made a plan with my friends to meet them for dinner, but I’d gotten off of work early and decided to head there to kill some time. I browsed for a while, and then picked out a face … Continue reading

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Why It’s Important to Use Correct Names/Pronouns

In light of Caitlyn Jenner presenting herself to the world, I’d like to talk about the importance of using the correct names/pronouns in regards to people in the transgender community. In high school, I became friends with a completely different … Continue reading

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Hello Ignorant People of the Internet!

(Click through slideshow.) My cousin texted me the other day with screenshots of these posts from people on Instagram in response to Caitlyn Jenner coming out  (I blocked out people’s names to protect their privacy). I’ve been seeing posts like … Continue reading

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Girls Aren’t Good At Math

My sister and I are different in a few major ways. She has a rounder face than I do and thicker hair, and she has a small Filipino nose where I have a longer one. My sister is more independent, … Continue reading

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