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Amanda, Deconstructed

On OCD There are four main categories of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD): checking, hoarding, contamination, and intrusive thoughts. The type of obsessive compulsive disorder I have is not like the kind you see on television. The kind where you feel … Continue reading

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Obvious Child, 12:17 am

**OBVIOUS CHILD SPOILER ALERT** It is 12:17 am on a Monday night (I guess a Tuesday morning?) and there are a lot of things I could be doing. I could be sleeping, for one. I probably should be sleeping, to … Continue reading

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

(This is a first draft of something that I’m going to workshop in one of my classes.) Last year my friends and I decided to have a movie night and watch Castaway because it was on Netflix. I’d never seen it … Continue reading

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25 Things I Learned as a Teaching/Editorial Intern at Writopia— As a Writer, a Teacher and in General

This summer I had the privilege of working at Writopia, a non-profit that runs writing workshops for kids ages 6 to 18, in Katonah/Hartsdale, New York, and I wrote a list summarizing what I learned there. I was a teaching and editorial intern– … Continue reading

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Listen Children to a Story…

This summer, as a part of my internship, I advise and help teach kids creative writing. This summer has been one of the best summers of my life, not only because I’ve been able to get back to my writing roots, … Continue reading

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Friendly Reminder: Don’t Expect People to Change for Ya

I’m a very sensitive person. I take most things seriously, everything makes me anxious, and I’m a classic over thinker. These are a few faults that I have, on a list of many more. Another one of my faults–  I assume that … Continue reading

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Why It’s Important to Use Correct Names/Pronouns

In light of Caitlyn Jenner presenting herself to the world, I’d like to talk about the importance of using the correct names/pronouns in regards to people in the transgender community. In high school, I became friends with a completely different … Continue reading

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