Likes and Dislikes

Let’s try this again.

Things I Like:

  • Recommending books to people.
  • Granny panties.
  • When people think the things I say are funny.
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches (on rye, with American cheese) from the diner.
  • Firm pillows.
  • Going to the movies with Catherine.
  • Knowing where I’m going.
  • Buying gifts for people that I know they’ll really like.
  • Recognizing actors/actresses I know on TV shows.
  • Rooms with lots of windows.
  • Finding people’s books at book sales/garage sales, smelling the binding, and being able to recognize whether it was glued or sewn together.

Things I Dislike:

  • Humidity.
  • My legs sticking to car seats because of the humidity.
  • How I care too much about what other people think.
  • My phone being below 50% battery.
  • Being put in the middle of situations I have no control over.
  • Feeling small, feeling like I don’t matter, feeling like what I have to say doesn’t matter, feeling oppressed in general.
  • Going to sleep without socks on.
  • Getting lost.
  • Days where it’s impossible to get out of bed or even open my computer or change out of my pajamas or brush my teeth or move.
  • Train delays.
  • Not being able to check things in my planner off.
  • Social media, a lot of the time.

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  1. Hi Amanda! So I just opened up this blog, My Writer’s Desk, and I just need a little help getting off my feet. Do you have any advice?


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