Victim to Charm

Here’s the second A-Z Challenge guest blogger. Welcome Amanda from Amanda Under Construction

It’s said in response to long meaningful messages, when the sender isn’t sure of what to say or is annoyed/bothered by the recipient. It’s sent when the sender is indifferent towards the recipient. It’s used when the sender is angry and unwilling to compromise.

We dread it— we’ve said it. It’s “K.,” the infamous single letter text response that implies so much, yet says so little.

What makes that one letter so frustrating?

kIt suggests that something is wrong, and it has no substance or feeling. It drives the recipient crazy with worry and annoyance, hoping that he/she hasn’t done anything to hurt the sender. It means that the sender doesn’t care about the person they’re sending the “K.” to, that they’re uninterested and unfeeling, and that they just don’t give a shit, which can be really hurtful.

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